Would You Rather:

Would you rather have a robotic pet that looks real or one that is obviously a robot? I think I would rather have one that looks real, however, a robotic pet that looks like a robot would be cool to some people as well. I think that having a robotic pet that looks the same as a real pet would be like a weird bond or something that might be like a real pet. For me, I like to have bonds with people and animals. Robots are really cool though, its like really amazing to think that people can create AI and all those robots.

Journal entire:

Have you ever thought about what it would be like without all the tech we have? I actually hate to think about that. No phones, no computer, no tablet, no Siri. No nothing. I think that would be boring but I feel kinda bad for thinking that. And I know that all the people that created all of the techs are proud, but sometimes I wish we didn't have tech, but other times I feel like I couldn't live without tech. I actually think Siri is really cool. It might not physically help people but it is super fun to talk to and interact with. It makes me happy that is weird but it is really fun. I think a tech piece that wasn't meant to be hurtful but was, was video games. I have nothing against video games but sometimes they hurt people's eyes. It isn't anything major but sometimes it is important to think about how playing video games for long periods of time affects your health.